Tax Overage Recovery

Get Your Money

Unbeknown to most homeowners, if you ever experience a tax foreclosure, there is a high chance that you are entitled to some money.

When a home is foreclosed on due to non payment of property taxes, the county that the property is located in will seize the property. The county will then sell these properties in an auction. If a property sells for more than what is owed, the difference is called the "Tax Surplus", or excess or overage.

By law, the county cannot claim this surplus for a pre-determined period of time. However, YOU can claim this overage!

You as the previous property owner are entitled to any overages from the auction.

At JAAG REI, we specialize in helping homeowners who experience a tax foreclosure recover from their loss.


Losing a property is never positive, but we make sure that you are not completely at a loss. 

Claim Your Money

Don't Let a Tax Foreclosure Take Everything, You May Be Entitled To Money

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