Tenant Buyer Program

Perfect Tenant Program

At JAAG REI, we understand the unintended consequences that occur in life, and how this can negatively impact you as a home buyer. Whether you are self-employed, rebuilding your credit, or are unable to get qualified for a traditional mortgage we can assist you with finding a rent to own property. 


We specialize in solving problems, and want to ensure that after working with us, you are in a better position financially than before we met.


We work with tenant buyers from all walks of life, and can help in almost any situation. Below are a few of the most common situations that our clients are facing:



Recovering Credit

Lack a 20% Down Payment

Lack of Credit History

and more...

If you are currently experiencing a situation where you are unable to get qualified for a traditional mortgage and have considered purchasing a home, please contact us today and learn how we can help you.

Tenant Buyers

 If you are looking to buy a rent to own home and would like to view our inventory of available homes, click the link, fill out the form, or give us a call today!

This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

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